old pictures of Indonesia


January 9, 2014

Some Pictures of Bali

Bali EAG 10 Boeboenan People Temple Indonesia 20s
Boeboenan Temple ca 1920

Bali photo Bat Cave Temple Weissenborn Indonesia 20s
Bat Cave Temple ca. 1920 (by Weissenborn)

Bali photo Batoer Batur Weissenbornn Indonesia 20s
Batoer ca. 1920 (by Weissenbornn)

Bali photo Boekit Djamboe Th Weissenborn Indonesia 20s
Boekit Djamboe ca. 1920s (by Weissenbornn)

Bali photo Gamelan Orchestra Weissenbornn Indonesia 20s
Gamelan Orchestraca. 1920s (by Weissenbornn)

Bali Elephant Cave rppc Goa Gajah Indonesia 60s
Elephant Cave / Goa Gajah Indonesia ca. 1960