old pictures of Indonesia


April 20, 2014



In Indonesia Chinese societies stood Tiong Hoa Hwee Kuan ( THHK ) in 1900 which first established the meetinghouses to scatter chinese customs and morals according to the teachings of Kong Fu Tse . Their attention was focused on education by establishing schools .


At first the Dutch language was included in the curriculum , but it turns out the Dutch people do not like to use the Dutch language to non- Dutch . Because it is difficult to enter ELS dutch then they hire teachers with higher salaries in order to teach the Dutch language , but their request was denied . Their request was rejected because they use English to teach the English language . Because they realize many out there who mastered the English language and on the other english people happily spread the English language .

Dutch government was aware of the circumstances , to immediately leave the politics of non - intervention in the education of Chinese children . Then they set up Hollands Chinese School ( HCS ) in 1908 . Goal is to have the Dutch language can be used to study the Chinese language and culture .